Hematoscope Lab

Oscar Brück

Principal Investigator

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Oscar graduated as an MD in 2016 and PhD in 2021 from the University of Helsinki. In his PhD studies in the Hematology Research Unit Helsinki (Prof. Satu Mustjoki lab), he investigated leukemia immunology and bone marrow morphology. In his key work, Oscar et al showed that bone marrow histology can be used to reliably predict mutations and cytogenetics in myelodysplastic syndrome patients (Blood Cancer Discovery, 2021). Since 2018, he has been developing and maintaining the Helsinki University Hospital hematological Datalake clinical database and performing data analysis as part of the eCare-4-me Acute leukemia project lead by Prof. Kimmo Porkka. In 2020, Oscar started to develop a computer vision-based diagnostic platform to digitize and automatically analyze routine May-Grünwald-Giemsa (MGG)-stained bone marrow slides. The team Hematoscope has been created to solve this challenge. You’ll likely find Oscar by his computer, repairing the microscope or jogging outside.

Oscar Brück's papers