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Hematoscope Oy - The path to clinical uptake of the Hematoscope app

As you may be aware, our research group has been working towards making the Hematoscope app suitable for clinical use. Our focus has been on developing model infrastructures, creating algorithms, and publishing results for the scientific community. We also aim to provide a platform for students to learn. However, clinical translation requires a different set of skills, investing time and funding in robust validation, clinical quality management systems, medical device certification, and clini...

Medical Device Regulation (MDR) Specialist

Position Medical Device Regulation (MDR) Specialist Responsibilities • Manage the preparation of quality management system and MDR documents. • Collaborate with other team members to contribute to clinical evaluation, MDR challenges, and educational material. • Identify MDR challenges and actively contribute to their resolution. Required Qualifications • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in clinical, technical or natural science. • Fluency in English. Desired Skills • Exper...


Thank you - a wrap up of 2022

The year 2022 is coming to an end. The Hematoscope Lab is thrilled on the progress made during our time in operation 2021-2022. Here’s a sneak peak on what we have been doing and where we are now. Our team Our team includes 10 members. Johanna Heikkinen and Anni Dohlen are the hard-working technicians responsible for creating the high-resolution image data our lab is established on. Otso Brummer, Stas Tatun, and Mikko Purhonen are the genious minds behind our algorithms. They have emplo...

Business Finland Cancer Partnering Days

Business Finland organized the Cancer Partnering Days event connecting academic research groups, biomedical SMEs and large pharmaceutical companies. The Hematoscope Lab represented the Helsinki University Hospital. Especially discussions with pharmaceutical companies were fruitful. These helped us to clarify our strategy and priorities to ensure that the Hematoscope App could be used by clinicians, researchers in academia and R&D divisions in pharmaceutical companies. Looking forward for ...

Back from father's leave

Back from a parental leave (01.05.-31.07.2022) with my son Levi. Discussions in Slack were active, but I am very lucky to have a lab than managed well (if not better than normally?) without my presence :) Enjoy the summer! Oscar

We are hiring!

Welcome to join our team! WHO? We are open for applications from master’s students, PhD students or researchers looking for work for a fixed-term or perhaps for longer. We require solid skills to write Python syntax. We also highly value proficiency with image analysis, deep learning and the Linux operating system. WHAT? You would be working on cell classification algorithm to identify rare subtypes of hematopoietic cells. The work will consist of applying the PyTorch torchvision library. O...

Thank you funders!

Limited funding is our #1 challenge for developing accurate and clinically-useful algorithms. Therefore, we want to sincerely thank the HUS Diagnostic center, the Päivikki and Sakari Solhberg Foundation and the Finnish-Swedish Medical Foundation (Finska Läkaresällskapet) for granting funding for the year 2022 to recruit more bioinformaticians to our team! With the financial support, we can focus on the development of cell detection and classification algorithms.

Welcome Anni!

We are happy to welcome Anni to our team! Anni will work as a slide scanner engineer at the Department of Hematology in HUSLAB. Thanks to her’s and Johanna’s work we will be able to digitize efficiently slides into high-resolution images and is fundamental for the development of deep learning-based image analysis algorithms. Great to have you Anni!


Hello world!

Hello! We are the Hematoscope Lab!